Boost Your Marketing With Augmented Reality

OVR Hex marker

Imagine having the ability to create a world which mixes reality with a new, extra 3D layer which enhances your experience of what you see and hear.

This augmented world can include artificially created buildings with walls and doors, video, audio and even lifelike models.

These building blocks can be employed to great effect, creating a new way to interact with your customers. For example, your key product could be animated together with a call to action displayed outside your shop. This would appear to the viewer as they walk along the street or inside a mall, perhaps enticing them in with an exclusive offer.

Food businesses could have a menu with actual video footage or 3D scan of each meal. Toy shops could have the toy come alive at the shop door. Travel agents could have a sandy beach, cruise ship or ski resort with snow falling. These are just some of the endless possibilities that can be imagined.

The augmented reality experience is triggered depending on the physical location as detected by the users device – a mobile phone or AR glasses. The user will be able to fully enjoy the world in 3D, walking around, seeing the mix of reality with the artificial.

The world has been divided into millions of hexagonal plot locations which are available to rent. connects business owners with virtual landlords who own the locations. We can also create the augmented reality experiences so you can be at the leading edge of this new era of marketing. If you have the vision , we can make it reality.



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