Chainlink integration with OVR

OVR has announced a partnership with Chainlink which could revolutionise AR

Chainlink is an oracle network which can be used to connect real world data across different blockchain platforms. The integration of Chainlink within the OVR platform could mean we will see live data gathered from external sources embedded within the OVR experience. 

This could mean for example live data feeds of scores and statistics appearing as augmented reality as part of a football match .

We could see live stock / crypto price data being presented as interactive 3d charts. Imagine a world where the price of a stock appears as a 2d graph for price but also shows width representing the volume and order book data. This would change in real time as the data streams in. 

Data connectivity to real world feeds could give us a better understanding of weather patterns and prediction. Weather prediction data could be used to modify user experiences.

Perhaps in the not so distant future we will be able to plan routes based on live congestion data from road and rail sources. The data could be integrated into an OVR experience which updates an AR map. These sort of applications will develop as the platforms are adopted into mainstream life through the use of wearables such as the upcoming Apple Glass devices . Who knows maybe we will take it for granted in a few years as we travel in our autonomous vehicles with AR windscreens

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